Co-Director of Proof, Town Hall Theatre, Lafayette, CA, 2010

“This production is team directed by Marybeth Cavanaugh and Lisa Anne Porter. Lisa Anne Porter said in a recent interview, “We are really excited to jump into this play about fathers and daughters and sisters, madness and genius, love and loss.  — “  The performances are absolutely superb! Clive Worsley (as Robert) is brilliant in his portrayal of madness intertwined with sanity. This production packed the theater leaving standing room only. After the applause finally died out, I overheard several people as they were filing out of the theatre, who said they were so excited about Town Hall in general, that they were going downstairs to immediately sign up for the next season’s productions. I agree and I hope they did!”

Charles Jarrret. For All Events, June 10, 2010

Proof: Mirth, Mystery, Madness and Math
A review by Sophie Braccini